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oh joy! survey thanks + winners…



THANK YOU to all of you bride-to-be’s or married folks who participated in my survey! I appreciate all your time. It was really fun reading through your experiences & thoughts.

I have randomly chosen three of the participants to receive a little thank you gift. {images here are of their gifts!}. The winners are…
~ Tracey, a ballet instructor in Pennsylvania who will be getting married this August
~ Dabney, a crafter in Boston who was married in 2003
~ Joanna, a designer & trend consultant in Washington who was also married in 2003

Thanks to everyone who participated! I wish I could send you all a token of thanks. But alas, I would go broke if I did that.

PS. I’ll be doing a new version of my survey soon…looking for a slightly different demographic…those who are not married but have attended LOTS of weddings in the past few years. Will also be looking for more past brides or brides-to-be who are specifically not designers, artists, or crafters. I’ll do a call for this survey in another month or so, but if you think you’ll be interested…leave a comment or shoot me an email and I will put you on my list…thanks!


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  1. I am not married, but planning to soon, I have been in lots of weddings lately…so please contact me for your next survey! 🙂


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