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Happy Friday + Inspirations…


Inspired by the most amazing post by Mav on her dream job, I leave you with this image of my other (visual) inspirations for the week….gorgeous muted tones of color against crisp, but slightly somber, white…finely embroidered florals, whimsical headpieces (reminds me of Lisa’s cool hair pin for her wedding!), vintage colored glass, and white on white…


{All images above are from the January/February 2006 issue of Vogue Living ~ Australia}


  1. I love Vogue Living. Did you know Anna W wants to start a US Version? Later this year or early next. I read about it in WWD.
    I adore Mav! She is such an inspiration to us all to keep making our art whatever that may be.
    Thanks for the great post Joy! What a lovely way to start the weekend.

  2. oh my gosh … me? how sweet.
    this magazine is one of my very favorites … looks like once again we have similar taste. how fun! cheers for a good weekend, mav

  3. aw, thanks joy! very sweet of you to mention my hairpiece. my good friend kelly of relish at home ( made that for me as a gift so it’s really special.


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