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Super Cool Book: The Cocktail


What book combines fun cocktail recipes with the most whimsical and amazing illustrations? Why, The Cocktail: 200 Fabulous Drinks by Jane Mocca, of course! I’m not a huge drinker at all, but I would buy this book purely for the illustrations by Kat Macleod…



  1. Oh, the cover is beautiful. And this seems like a good book to have, even for a person who doesn’t drink that much — you never know when you’ll be playing hostess!

  2. Kat McLeod is so great. She does the illustrations for an aussie daily e-newsletter called Michi Girl; fashion finds AND next day’s weather forecast all in one email. Heart! Of course it’s totally useless for those not living in Melbourne, Australia, LOL. :0)

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! This is what Jules got me for my birthday! It’s absolutely fantastic, I keep meaning to scan some of the drawings and pop them on my blog to show you all. The recipes are really do-able and the little write-ups are adorable.

  4. I was browsing borders’…and just had to have it! The illustrations alone inspire me to get creative (with more than just a drink)!!


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