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  1. I love the new Kate Spade ad campaign. It’s so beautiful….love the colors. Do you think Kate is trying to appeal to the younger crowd? I’m thinking the tweens-thirtysomethings? Maybe she wants to cash in on the Paris Hiltons? I just always saw the Kate Spade line as being for older professional business women in upper management roles – you know, corporate mamas. Your thoughts?

  2. hi holly,
    i don’t think she’s trying to go that young…even though the girls in the ad are really young…
    it’s definitely 20’s and up (to 40’s and 50’s) but not tweens…

  3. I wasn’t sure if the new Kate Spade was going after the Olsen twins or not. 🙂 I love Kate Spade, I think I’ll have her bags until I’m 80. I think people are always after ‘eternal youth’ so perhaps this is the KS way of making us all feel young, ultra slim, and glam when sometimes, we feel anything but! I love her models, they’re so beautiful.


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