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Remembering Katherine


I’m taking a break from regular posts today in remembrance of my dear friend Katherine who passed away two years ago to this day when she was 24. This loss hit me really hard, as I had never had a person I love leave the world so unexpectedly. As I remember her even more so today, here’s one of my favorite moments from our past that exemplified our friendship & our common interests in conversation, good food, and good friends. We were only in 7th grade in this photo, making cookies (and then eating them, of course!) as we did regularly…but those wonderfully simple times define our times together and are what I will always remember most.



  1. Losing someone so close is never easy. My thoughts are with you, Joy. I’m sure Katherine is watching over you today and everyday. Take good care.

  2. wow – that must’ve been so incredibly hard for you. i’m really sorry you had to experience that. sending you good thoughts.

  3. hi everyone,
    thanks so much for your kind words & thoughts…i’m really touched as i don’t even know most of you personally. we had a big family dinner last night with her parents and immediate family (my fiance is also her cousin), so that was nice for everyone to get together in memory of her…
    thanks again, joy

  4. The loss of a friend, especially one so young is so hard. Glad that you were able to share her memory with her family! That can be so helpful. Be well.


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