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Cool Book: Drawing from Life


One of my favorite things about when I used to live in Brooklyn was walking down the street at night and being able to see a glimpse of the insides of people’s homes…with their large brownstone windows and the light shining from within, their first floor was on display for all to see as they passed by. In a similar way, I love looking through people’s sketchbook’s and visual journals. Drawing from Life is a private tour of the journal keepers—an architect, a traveler, a film director, a cancer patient, and more—illustrating a broad range of journaling styles and techniques that in the end show how each of us can go about documenting our everyday lives. Artists Maira Kalman and David Byrne are also included. Find it in the US here and in the UK here



  1. That looks great; a similar collage/artsy journal is The Journey is the Destination by Dan Eldon. It’s a great compilation of his journals during his life.


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