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Cool Designer: O-Check


Wow. I really love coming across designers who not only design for clients but sell their own products as well. O-Check is a Korean design company that also has really fun & whimsical product line at the O-Check Online Store. I haven’t been able to find information on where the products sell outside of Korea, so if anyone has seen them in your part of the globe, do tell! See O-Check’s site which is really beautifully designed…



  1. Wow..these are beautiful! Their stuff really appeals to me, all the brown paper accents and illustrative prints are so lovely…I wish I could get to them!! It would be great if they sold to the rest of the world….someday..x

  2. Hi Joy! I heard good things about you thru Beth. Anyways your site is always a pure enjoyment. and sometime i use you as resources. i appreciate all the delightful things you share. how did you find out about o-check? i think i’m going to get the cube!

  3. i’m a korea girl~and i know the o-check`
    their stuff really marvelous.If you wanna buy some stuff~you can come over ‘COEX’,or let me I’ll send package for you~

  4. Thanks for sharing! That is some really cute stuff! Do you design wedding invitations? I still have so much to do for my wedding and I would love to get something out of they way. I still need to find a wedding officiant! My friend suggested I go to, so hopefully I can get more than one thing done today.


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