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I’ve realized that in another life (or maybe even this one), I would like to be a photo stylist. I really can’t get enough of product shots or interior shots that make these things look good enough to eat (especially when the image is not food!). Here’s a batch that have me mesmerized by their simplicity & color…


TOP ROW: from Dutch designers Casalinga. (Thanks to Design*Sponge for the link!)
BOTTOM ROW: images from Donna Hay Magazine (AU), Issue 25


  1. joy, where did you find that donna hay magazine? gorgeous photos- is the mag available at like barnes and noble or borders?

  2. oh i LOVE donna hay! my old college roommate lived in australia for awhile and brought back some of her gorgeous cookbooks!! love her!

  3. Hi Grace!
    Yes, you can find it in the US at B&N, it’s in the food/cooking section of the magazines…it’s an Australian mag..she’s like the Martha Stewart of Australia but with more cooking than craft. The photos are gorgeous!

  4. great to see all of your inspiring posts … welcome back!
    i am with you on the photostyling thing. i was kind of hoping to get it going on the side myself but just have not had time. cheers joy! mav

  5. those images are awesome. since i started my own site, i have a *huge* appreciation for those people talented enough to take such images. they make me postively green.


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