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peaceful plates…


Dishes and plates and cups and all things that can be used to hold food are my guilty pleasure. I’d have 20 different styles sets if I had the space and the guests to show them off! Here are a few of my recent favorites that have a vintage, clean, and whimsical feel…


{left to right, top to bottom}:
Cynthia Rowley Dirty Dishes, Anthropologie Bluebird Tea Cup,
Limited Edition Jannis Kounellis Espresso Cup Set, Glass Jar & Liberty Print Mug from Laura Ashley UK, Anthropologie Butterfly Study Dinner Plates {and just because I like it…} Dress Form from PB Teen.


  1. Oh I love the bluebird tea cup! I am the exact same way but with glasses. I have glasses for every type of drink. Red wine, white wine, martinis, tumblers, pints, etc. etc. I’ve made myself stop buying them because we have no more room!!!!!!


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