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here comes the barefoot bride…


I have one month to find shoes before my first fitting. Yay! Sounds like fun, right? It would be other than the fact that all of the shoes I like are way too high for me to walk in. As graceful as I try to be, I’m just not coordinated enough to balance on 3″ heels on a day when I’ll be on my feet for hours.

So, I’d love any suggestions from those of you out there who may have seen some heels that might work for me. I love peep toe, strappy heels…in gold, champagne, etc…a neutral that is not white or ivory as I’m not looking to match my dress. 2″ or 2-1/2″ heels would be perfect! Under $100. If you have any links or thoughts, send them my way! Thanks all you fashion-friendly folks!


TOP ROW: Bouquets Dionne in pink, Nina Camille in Powder
SECOND ROW: Vera Wang Kitten Heels, Bouquets Dessa in Nude
THIRD ROW: J. Renee Duet in Sandstone, Kate Spade Lover Heels in Gold
BOTTOM ROW: Enzo Angiolini Rydell in Light Natural, Nina Flo-GS in Gold


  1. Take it from a bride (married in 2001), avoid sling backs if you can – they’re a pain and easy to fall out of when you consider all the moving around, dancing, jumping in and out of limos, climbing stairs, etc. that you’re most likely going to do. I’d opt for something that stays on, something strappy. 🙂 Love your post, I think these shoes are all lovely.

  2. A good friend (who spent $$,$$$ having Audrey Hepburns Givinchy dress from Sabrina remade for her wedding) ended up buying ballroom/latin dance shoes in a gold/flesh colored satin to wear with it. If you look around you can find styles that have a great retro/vintage feel and a price that wont torture you. Also, since they are made for heavy duty footwork, your pups wont kill by the end of the evening.
    Here’s an example, but if you google “ballroom” shoes you may find something you like…

  3. Hi I just found your site recently. It is lovely! A suggestion I have not as a former bride, but as someone who loves heels but hates the pain they bring – You might try (don’t laugh) ballroom shoes from a company that makes dance shoes. The heels are usually 2-3 inches, they have an adorable retro look, and are very comfortable.
    Good Luck!

  4. My coworker is a hardcore stiletto addict… she’s never in heels less than 3 inches. She swears by Dr. Scholls gel insoles. Whichever height of heel you decide on be sure to grab some of these. Love the ballroom dancing shoe idea. Would have never thought to look for those.

  5. I love the J.Renee Duet and the Kate Spade. Kate would be an ok slingback since it’s doubled for a litte extra support, but the Duet has a wider heel (at the top especially) that will give your ankle more support for a long day.
    The style of that shoe will also visually lenghten your leg; you know if you plan on flashing those gams! Best Wishes on your day!

  6. Have you looked at Ann Taylor shoes? They are pretty comfortable, not too expensive, and they come in lovely styles.
    Good luck!

  7. I have danced ballroom for many years now and this type of shoe is a few wonderful things,
    Silver, Strap, affordable. COMFORTABLE.

  8. Ditto on the gel filled “party feet” I swear by them! put some double sided tape underneath them and make sure you rough up the bottoms of your shoes if they are slippery, you don’t want to go A over T on your big day! best of luck

  9. I second (or third?) the dance shoe idea. They make some great styles and are oh so comfy! Only thing I would say is that if you want to wear them out and about for everyday after the wedding you should take them to a cobbler and have them re-sole the shoes. Dance shoes have a soft leather sole that doesn’t hold up in rain and asphalt conditions.

  10. Love your site! I am a fellow designer and Thai for that matter. I just got married Dec.2005 and wore the Nina Camille Powder ($68) with both my Thai and western dresses. As with any heels, they were comfortable for about 3 hrs. (which is pretty good). After all the walking and dancing to the fox trot…I just took them off and went barefoot. I bought them bec. they also look fabulous with jeans. Double usage! Congrats and have fun!


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