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  1. Here is the recipe Joy for the pictured treat since you’re so sweet, it’s not that clear but hope you can understand enough to make it, lol:
    For 4 people
    White to eat?
    4 parts of hen farmer?
    8 dried bread sections in a hurry
    10 G of dried morels
    10 G of engraved chive
    1 lemon juice
    Pepper of the mill
    4 parts of crayfish tails
    4 small morel parts
    12 chive flowers
    8 crystallized lemon thin straps
    25 G of chive oil
    Morel juice
    2 morel juice dl
    10 G of crystallized lemon barks
    100 G of morel salpicon
    50 G of emulsified light cream
    White to eat?
    To clarify the? to reserve the yellows individually.
    In a tank of small beater, to assemble the white of? in snow with table salt, to season lemon juice, and of pepper of the mill and dried morels and engraved chive.
    To deposit a bread section at the bottom of each circle then to line white by forming a puit, to deposit in the center a yellow?uf to smooth with the remainder of assembled white. To cook in a sharp furnace, 200°c during five minutes, to withdraw furnace and to let rest during one minute.
    Morel juice
    To reduce in jumping morel juice and to add the salpicon the crystallized lemon morels and bark, to rectify the seasoning and to add the emulsified cream.
    Completion and raising
    To lay out the?uf unmoulded in a plate, to cover with a dried bread section and to surmount by a crayfish tail, of a morsel and chive flower.
    Chive oil Saucer, morel juice, and to send the remainder out of cassolette.

  2. Hello clever crafty girl
    Thankyou for your make me go and do that pictures and
    You don’t need to be able to read French to cook some of those
    lovely yummies, simply fly to
    and copy in the block of copy, and then translate from french
    to english.
    sometimes it’s a bit stilted, but it’s all there.
    hey, the world bought together by cupcakes!
    Rosem’r from Australia.


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