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Cool Site: Design Spotter


What a great idea. The e-zine Design Spotter allows up-and-coming designers from around the world to post their ideas & products in an open forum for all to see. In many cases, the products are only available in small runs, are patent-pending, or the designer is trying to gauge interest before investing even more. But, you’ll also see work of designers whose names you’ve already heard of, postings about design stores and events, and tons of other cool things. Some of the ideas are really amazing…a great site to check daily!


{Work shown…bird feeder, flower hooks, photo from Table Manners}


  1. Yeah, I have been reading the designspotter e-zine for a while, I do agree that it is a great site and very interesting….I also think that their whole format is great. Isn’t that bird pirch adorable….it is too cute!

  2. You bet it is great! I love this site and it is so easy to navigate and check out what is new… like their new writer! Angela Gwinner from omondieu! Very good post and love your blog..


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