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  1. I need that wood/rug. I am not sure why I need it but I need it. I already told Beth that I think you need your own store, and this just proves it….as we would say in softball….good eye.

  2. i love that one on the top left. the site is amazing too! where/how do you by one?
    i agree you should have your own store. i’d totally shop there!

  3. hi jen!
    as of now, you can buy the rugs directly through her. they are something in the high 600’s per square yard.

  4. Dear All, thanks for your great comments, of course you can walk on them and you will even get a footmassage, too. All is made of the worlds best and strongest wools of new zealand, even if you put an heavy table on the surface, IT WILL LAST FOR EVER!!

  5. you know, PB teen did a woodgrain rug about 4 years ago, in two colors, gray and also brown. i own a brown one. you can still find them CHEAP on ebay and they’re wool. downside? they shed for about a year and then they’re fine, like most pb rugs…


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