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  1. I really like these fun patterns. Nice switch from the Villeroy Bach green basket pattern (ick!) my mother had all over the house when I was a child. Not my cup of tea, but I would be happy to sip tea from any of these lovely cups!

  2. hi joy! i’ve always loved wedgwood, especially their jasparware, which seeing how it’s such a popular collector’s item, remains unfortunately out of my budget. for some reason i never went beyond their jasparware and it’s lovely to see all these other great patterns.
    i did have a question though…i wanted to take a look at the ethereal 101 collection but i can’t seem to find it on their website. they have just an all white ethereal set but no pink & metallic floral like the ones you pictured. can i just ask where you found those? i’m not near a wedgwood store so i have to rely on the internet! 🙁
    other than that, thanks! and i love your new header. –paradise


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