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pretty pairings for spring…



{left to right, top to bottom}:
TOP ROW: tulipe filigree earrings from Anthropologie, joie de vivre earrings from Anthropologie, Theda Earrings (with coral) from Linea Nervenkitt
MIDDLE ROW: Vesuvianite Cluster Earrings from Allyson Smith
BOTTOM ROW: Bianca Collection White Hoop Earring, before dawn earrings from Anthropologie, Copper Bowl Earrings from Lazuli


  1. I can never get tired of Anthropolgie. I’ve never bought anything there, but I drool over the catalogue. Wish they would open up a store in Toronto.

  2. o boy, i looooove these earrings! i just hope they’re not too heavy b/c i once bought these really cute big dangling earrings from urbn and i could not wear it for more than 3 hours, they were about to tear my ears apart (sorry, that was gross)! anyway, love your finds.

  3. I LOVE Nervenkitt – she has an incredible eye – her designs are so complex – yet quietly elegant – delicious eye candy – thank you for this post!


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