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happy friday + floral finds…


Yesterday, I took a stroll to Anthropologie in search for a new pair of earrings. But instead, I came across a few items that I loved so much visually, I had to opt for these instead. The patterns, the colors…delightful! Almost like those wonderful flea market finds…

Have a great holiday weekend all…


{shown above: pajama bottoms with contrast ruffle and waistband and two ceramic cups. i couldn’t find them on the website, so they may be only in stores.}


  1. These are so beautiful, Joy! I went to Anthropologie today in search for clothes for work, but instead I bought lovely kitchen towels and tea cups (for myself and my tea cup swap partner). =)

  2. iF i LIVED NEAR anTHROPOLOGIE id be broke!
    It is my fav place to visit when i return home to Pittsburgh Pa. Oh the colors!!! the designs!!!– sheer bliss.
    Happy Spring,

  3. These are some great patterns put together. My friend is assistant manager of apparel at an Anthropologie and I try to take advantage of that hefty discount as often as possible!


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