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swoon-worthy…(part II)


One more hotel post for today…I promise I won’t overwhelm you. You may already know about Betseyville, but here are some gorgeous photos to remind you of Betsey Johnson’s private hotel located in Barra de Potosi in the State of Guerrero, Mexico. It’s available for rent to small groups or families by the week. For those living even more cushy than this, check out Villa Betsey, an even more glam version from the ever-so-fun designer. I think more designers should open up their own one-of-a-kind boutique hotels. Not to worry…I’m working on Hotel de Joie as we speak.


{images of Betseyville from The Knot/Travel + Leisure’s “Travel + Romance” Magazine Spring/Summer 2006.}


  1. Joy you’ve done it again. All of your posts are 2die4 but today….ooooh my!
    I am always overwhelmed by just a single scoop from Miss Joy when I visit each day, but to have a double, a triple scoop of Joy even… well it’s like tasting the best gelato ever. In fact, it’s Joylato!

  2. Totally gorgeous. Love these shots. Have you seen the Vera Wang Honeymoon Suite in Hawaii’s Halekulani Hotel? Click my name to see it. This Betsey Johnson post made me think of it… nore and more fashion brands are getting involved in the hotel industry. Very cool.

  3. Found your blog searching for info on Betseyville. My friends and I want to plan a trip there and I am trying to find ‘real’ people that have actually been. Have you?


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