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it’s one of those issues…


…my heart beats faster and faster, I flip the next page even quicker than I did before only to find more things that i love…I feel dehydrated, but I keep going…hoping for more things to satisfy me because every page previously did just that. Yes, folks…I am talking about the May 2006 issue of Domino. I don’t know what it is…I’ve always loved Domino, but this month it is especially wonderful. Maybe because it’s their one year anniversary…maybe because it’s the month of my birthday? Anyhow, I don’t normally recap full issues of magazine, but I had to share a few snippets of this one…and, too boot, Domino is beginning a registry in May….

…I am slowly regaining a normal heartbeat…



  1. joy, i loved this issue too!!!! goodness me oh my! i’m completely in love with the room in the upper right corner. the flowers in the tea tins, plus the jumble of paper lanters that are above the table in the full photo. the wallpaper is so amazing in the bottom left. and the photo display on the cork board, love it! gush gush gush. whew! my heart beat is getting back to normal as well! 😉

  2. I almost missed my train stop this morning because I was buried in the pages of Domino. Don’t you just love the outdoor eating segment;it makes me want to move to California.

  3. A Registry?! (I’m in trouble!)
    It’s such an incredible magazine… I’m happy to see your re-cap, mine hasn’t arrived yet… I’m IMpatiently waiting… I need my monthly dose of Domino!

  4. I haven’t received my copy yet. I have to run past it in the store to as not to snatch it up. I literally fly home everyday from work to see if its in the box!!! Does anyone think the new Martha Blueprint magazine will be any good? I’m willing to try it!!

  5. Hi Lynn,
    I’ve already subscribed to the new Blueprint and can’t wait to see the first issue in May. I don’t think it will be quite as interiors focused as Domino…but I bet it will still be plenty stylish nonetheless!

  6. Joy,
    Thanks so much for posting the beautiful preview pics from the May issue. You just gave me a little visual fix to tide me over–something beyond the preview pics on Domino’s site. I’m going crazy waiting for my Domino to finally arrive in the mailbox, and trying to refrain from buying a copy in the bookstore. I too have subscibed to Blueprint, so I’m anxious to see that first issue as well. Hopefully both May issues will arrive Thursday. Cheers! Courtney

  7. Lynn, I think Blueprint will be a hit just like Domino. I can’t wait to receive my first issue. Martha’s products and standards are always incredible, so I am expecting nothing but beautiful features, photos, articles and composition in that magazine.

  8. I got both the new Domino & the first Blueprint in my mailbox yesterday… I did a little happy dance when I noticed. 🙂 This issue of Domino is one of the best yet. And Blueprint is so good that I was instantly sad there’s only 2 issues this year. Now the waiting starts all over…

  9. oh man! gotta find someone to send me this issue! it looks brilliant. my birthday is may 30th. i am a true gemini and i think this year´s bday will be special as i´m turning 30 on the 30th. happy bday to you!

  10. i loved the article on displaying family photos. im totally copying one of the ideas. i spent a fortune on prints on snapfish last night and im heading to natl wholesale liquidators this weekend.
    i wasnt too crazy about the rest of the issue tho. sorry woman

  11. It’s the best magazine ever! I’ve been in love since the first issue. Love the wallpaper in the pics and how it blends with the colors…
    Blueprint looks very attractive – though I still like domino better.
    Love your blog btw –


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