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april showers bring…


…super cute umbrellas! I spotted these umbrellas from Pare over at 16 Sparrows and had to share. Pare is located in Seattle – one of the rainiest areas of the United States. The soggy and grey skies inspired them to start an umbrella line to cheer up those really wet days. In addition to the fun patterns, they’ve added extra lovely details like rattan handles, mini lace trim, and designs on the interior of the umbrellas! {Thanks to Kathy for the link!}



  1. These are gorgeous and so much fun! Who wouldn’t hope for rain when you can carry one of these? Amazing that this niche is really only barely explored! Why must we settle for boring black??? Love these!

  2. Aren’t the new designs just great? I had such a hard time deciding which one to get!
    I hope your shoe and feather pin hunt is going well! 🙂

  3. those umbrellas are super fun! it is so hard to find a decent umbrella (that isn’t black or brown) in DC. Makes sense that Seattle would have more creative options!

  4. The orange and blue one is fantastic… Is it sad that I feel compelled to buy it just because it’s in my wedding colors? I think I have a sickness.

  5. Cute umbrellas! I love the polka dot one. They need to open a store here in the San Francisco bay, probably the second rainiest areas in the United States….


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