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Cool Artist: Jacob Magraw-Mickelson


Mystery solved! My sources over at Anthropologie have confirmed that the amazing drawings in the new Anthropologie catalog were created by Jacob Magraw-Mickelson! I’m really loving the colorful, whimsical, tiny details in his work. {Thanks to reader Amanda who initially suggested Magraw-Mickelson as the possible artist!}



  1. Oh so good of you to dig deeper and find out who did those drawings. My jaw dropped open when I first looked through the catalog – they are really amazing!!

  2. Your Sources? I’m jealous… I don’t even have sources at Anthro. Do they know I exist?
    Just kidding Joy! The drawings are amazing..I love them too.

  3. thanks for the scoop joy! i thought the illustrations in anthropologie were gorgeous and i was very curious to find out who did them.

  4. I picked up another copy of the summer catalog at Anthropologie this weekend, just so I could have another copy of those beautiful illustrations.

  5. Has anyone seen a print by this artist titled “dragonfly” or something similar? It was also featured in the Anthropologie catalog.


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