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more whimsical cakes to impress…


Some of my friends assume I’m designing some intricate and fancy cake for my wedding. But actually, it’s quite the opposite! We’re going very simple…flowers on a simple cake design. However, I still love all the wonderful details in cake design these days. The ideas are endless and the results so inspiring, I have to share…


{LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Flora and Flour Cake by Sylvia Weinstock, Just Married Cake by Flour Girl, Autumn Cake by Ron Ben-Israel, and Garden Fantasy Cake by Ron Ben-Israel. All images from, who surprisingly, has a super thorough site with stylish ideas & images.}


  1. Why would anyone want to even bite into these cakes? I am imagining cutting into it and them just being hollow inside like they are made of cardboard. SO beautiful!

  2. hey love the cakes
    can yall please send me more photos
    I am haven a sweet 16 and i need an idea
    for a cake

  3. Ilove it!I want to learn how to bake ur delicious cakes with nice!wow!wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


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