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Polanoir is the first gallery concept ever, strictly dedicated to Polaroid art. They present special large format editions of selected Polaroids from invited artists of all over the world celebrating instant photography.


{left to right, top to bottom: Randolph Barry – Day at the Fair, Paolo Degasperi – Landscape, Tripp & Brown – Electroshock Romance 2, and Grant Hamilton – Flock on a Wire}


  1. this is really fantastic! i love my polaroid bood that is just like this! thanks joy what a great find…

  2. Beautiful – I love Polaroid’s – the white frame around the image only adds to the overall aesthetic – thanks for posting this – you always have the best finds!

  3. sooooo great. my photographer husband (who actually assists karen wise sometimes, so I think its a funny little connection that she’s your wedding photographer and I’m obsessed with your blog) went nuts over this.


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