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Fred Flare’s Next Big Thing


Fred Flare began to announce the winners of their Next Big Thing contest a couple weeks ago and will continue to highlight nine new designers every week until they reveal all 36 winners for this year’s contest. Here are some of my favorites so far…


{left to right, top to bottom: Snapcrafty flower necklace, dachshund stitch-it kit from Egg Press, fast food earrings by Cornyness, rainbow friends letter set from The Small Object, mirrors from My Favorite Mirror, emerald lace earrings from Cursive.}


  1. Love everything on your blog. One of this day I will see my design on your blog. Love you and I am very pround of you. Mom.

  2. i was just nosing over here to see what people had to say about the NBT, but that comment from your mom just KILLED me. too cute!
    best wishes from boston…


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