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Wow…what a day I had yesterday. I went to New York to attend the three shows going on simultaneously: The National Stationery Show, Surtex, and ICFF. Here are some of my faves from the shows. I’ll continue to post more about some new finds in the weeks to come. One noteable highlight of the Stationery Show…I saw Martha Stewart working her way through the booths! Everyone stared, but pretended not to…including me.


In the Relish booth, there were some of my favorite design folks! Good on Paper, Jill Bliss, and K. Autumn. Among them were the folks of Boon. They use high quality pulp-free abaca papers from the Philippines to create super colorful and gorgeous notepads, file folders, and portfolios…up close, they are super gorgeous and detailed…(see Design*Sponge for great photos of their work.)


I finally got to meet two sets of folks I’ve loved and been in touch with in the past. Erica of Paperbride (left) and Nat & Armand of Uncooked


I loved the whimsical watercolor illustrations of Masha D’yans


Candy Wrapper Mailers from Swizzle Factory


Simple & sweet cards from Seraph


Pillows, stationery, and home accessories from Working Class Studio



Gorgeous layered wallpaper, furniture, and textiles by Catherine Hammerton


Finely detailed votive holder from Artecnica


Modern furniture and accessories for baby (and their cool parents) from Ducduc


Stunning hanging lamps from Bocci


Beautiful details and organic qualities in the furniture and interiors of Matt Gagnon


New additions to the Dwell Baby line…


And, finally…to top off the day…a meeting of design worlds with a lovely dinner…


{left to right: Jill of Jill Bliss, Me, Rena of Rare Device, Grace of Design*Sponge, Lisa of Good on Paper, and Kelly of Relish Home and K. Autumn!}

There’s so much more I saw and loved. For more coverage of the shows, check out Design*Sponge and Love Made Visable.


  1. Wow, what a feast for the eyes! I especially love the watercolours by Masha and Catherine Hammerton’s work. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I saw your photo on JustMyCupofTea, and you look SO sweet 🙂

  2. Wow! What a great group of ladies to have dinner with!!!
    Love those hanging lights from Bocci. Those are indeed absolutely stunning!

  3. Lovely picks, Joy! I loved Masha too! How beautiful were her illustrations!? Also bummed I didn’t realize you were coming here until it was too late. Let me know when you’re next in town. I’d love to meet you!

  4. Wow Joy,it looks like you had a GREAT time at the show. Plus you saw Martha Stewart up close and personal..which is always exciting(hehe)! I love all of the pictures..everything is so beautiful. I especially love the watercolor illustrations and the votive holders.

  5. what a lovely post! i love masha’s illustrations, the artecnica holders and the bocci lamps best! big thanks for the links.

  6. hi there. i’ve been viewing your blog for a few weeks now, and really enjoying all of you posts. i am particularly excited to see that Working Class Studio was one of your favorites. I am about to graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and I proud that we are getting positive feedback, so thanks!


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