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Atelier LZC Stationery!


I received a lovely notecard from my Tea Cup Swap last week which was made from a sheet of Atelier LZC wallpaper. I had seen Atelier LZC’s many textile and home interior pieces, but didn’t realize they make stationery too!


{Find retailers from Atelier LZC’s site. Envelope from Marie’s Butik.}


  1. do you know where you can buy these specific post cards?? i would love to get some!! thanks 🙂

  2. hey carly,
    if you look on their site in the “retail outlets” section, they have a whole huge list. i’m assuming you’re in the US, and if you click on “Other Retail Shops” and then US—there are a whole bunch of stores, many of which have links…
    good luck!

  3. The “envelope”…is a mirror. It’s mirrors in different shapes, with silk fabric and handmade.
    The cards a sets of 6, for wall decoration, the tubes are gift-wrapping paper.


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