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  1. The yellow dress is so cute and the yellow bathing suit(it is a bathing suit right?) is so adorable and looks very fifties. If only I could get a bathing suit to look that good on me maybe I could pull it off! 😀

  2. love the dress! and also, love the jacket they’ve paired with the mint pants… perfect for a dressy day at the office (and then out to someplace nice)

  3. That blonde looks exactly like my mother when she was in her 20s. She even wore a bathing suit like that. Love these styles, sooo pretty. Those ruffles on that swimsuit have be drooling. I love the sexy touch.
    By the way, I found a risque bathing suit site, I just had to cover summer fashion for my column, and it’s called micro kitten – swimwear (gasp! hardly) from Brazil.
    I thought you’d at least enjoy it, it’s pretty funny when you read some of the descriptions, “may be see-thru when wet”. I can’t imagine rocking something like that. I’m not brave enough.

  4. By the way, I pulled the micro kitten site from my column. Sheesh, after browsing more of that site, I felt kinda queezy… a little too revealing for my taste. Borderline ho! ho! ho! and we’re not talking about Christmas, either.

  5. oh my goodness!! i want that yellow striped baithing suit looking piece. i have to have it. where can i get it???


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