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Cool Designer: Erotokritos


Greek-Cypriot, Paris-based designer Erotokritos, is known for his colorful collections that capture the essence of effortless Parisian chic. In the spring of 1996 he opened his own boutique in Paris followed by a second one, which just opened this year in the Marais District.


{For retail info. click here. You can also find Erotokritos online at Milk.}


  1. i discovered myself erotokritos like 5 years ago.. and fell in love inmediately! haha, it’s amazing how the colors + shapes, give you, like you said, that effortless chic look, a little naive, but simply beautiful! 🙂

  2. I rarely if ever feel the need to comment on posts about cool designers (i just look at the pictures :)… but I have to say, I think I *need* at least 4 of those designs.

  3. you have such great taste joy! i saw a bunch of their dresses when i was in ny and loved them! the material felt really nice too.

  4. I love his stuff! its not in your face ‘designer label’ and it has unique touches.
    My family is Greek -Cypriot so its cool to see a Cypriot designer doing so well!

  5. I saw a really nice bejeweled Octopus brooch by Erotokritos. It was black and silver. Does anyone know where I could purchase one and how much should I expect to pay.


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