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pink petals & cupcakes


The lovely and talented Christine of Maganda was kind enough to share photos of her wedding with me. Christine and I had chatted earlier this year when I was doing some business research on brides and weddings, so I had previously heard of some of Christine’s cool plans for her wedding…which included: vintage vases that she was in the process of collecting, a children’s storybook theme, and a cupcake tower & candy bar. So, seeing some photos of the end result was fantastic. I love the flowers in the vintage milk glass vases, the cupcakes, and her invitations (see here) which were a collaboration between her husband’s illustration skills and her design skills. The photos here were taken by Laura Kleger. See more inspiring photos of Christine’s wedding (which happened just three weeks ago!) right here




{photos by Laura Kleger}


  1. Oh my.. that cupcake tower is amazing! EVen though it looks incredibly delicious, I wouldn’t want to eat it because it’s too pretty!

  2. Hi Joy! This images are beautiful, hope your wedding is lovely as well. I got married last winter and like Christine I created the art work for the wedding too. You can check some images in my blog! Congratulations your blog is great!

  3. Gorgeous! Even though I am already married, I am still utterly fascinated by wedding pictures! Sickness?
    Love the peonies….Off to a uni buddy’s wedding tonight and she’s using peonies too.
    Can’t wait to see your pictures…

  4. Dear Oh Joy, please allow us to express our joy at feasting our eyes on such wonderful creations. Following your blog has been a great source of inspiration for us and our brides. We all stop here after a busy day and celebrate what femininity and style means.


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