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Thanks Philadelphia Inquirer!


This Sunday, The Philadelphia Inquirer highlighted an article within its Image Section called, “Add to Favorites”. And, yours truly is one of the five bloggers being featured. Yikes! Here’s a link to the article version, which will be viewable to non-subscribers only for a few days. Huge thanks to Dan Rubin of Blinq for his very kind words and to Eric Mencher for the photos!



  1. joy! you’re popular! wow. i can’t believe i’m going to have family who is famous! hehe. btw, you’re picture doesn’t do you justice! you should’ve had your eyes closed. ;p just kidding. see you wednesday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Go Joy!!! I’m so psyched for you, that’s awesome!!! You must be so excited.
    –It’s no suprise to me that they took notice.
    __ Hey…the photo is great too!

  3. congrats! the article was great!
    is that your studio in the background of the picture? if it is, i am in love! what a fabulous workspace!!!

  4. hi everyone,
    wow! thanks so much for all the nice words and praise. i was super flattered to be asked to be in this article and am truly honored you all continue to read this little blog regularly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. wow joy–this is so cool.
    1. didn’t know you lived so close–i’m in jersey!
    2. didn’t know you worked for rowley–wow.
    3. you are so mad talented and have sooo much potential!!

  6. Hi, so awesome Joy! and deborah was right, your eyes should be closed:). Is this photo in there as well? i did not see it…


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