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whimsical lettering…


I’m a huge fan of calligraphy and hand-lettered text. So much so that I got scolded by one of my design professors for doing all my logo design projects by hand. {I was even the youngest member of the Philadelphia Calligraphers’ Society way back when I was twelve! Yes, my design nerd status does date back that far…} Here are a couple calligraphers whose work I love for their whimsy and unique style – Bluebird Studios and Tara Jones.


{Top row and first in 2nd row by Bluebird Studios, bottom row and right side by Tara Jones.}


  1. yay! i used bluebird studios for my wedding invitations and they turned out so amazing. rebecca does such a great job and is so awesome to work with. tara’s work looks beautiful too. joy, you are too talented!

  2. LOVE, love these! I have been having such a hard time finding a calligrapher as I’m really not at all into the very traditional looking scripts. I’m going to contact both of these!

  3. These are beautiful. Another amazing calligrapher–non traditional and very stylish–definitely worth mentioning is Stephannie Barba. She did my wedding invitations.
    She has several different styles -She is also an illustrator and does gorgeous hand-drawn maps.

  4. I feel ya. I was scolded too in architecture school for drafting everything by hand. (I love the t-square!) I did come around to the 3-d graphics thing dragging my feet.
    I’m glad you found Rebecca’s work! She was my official calligrapher for several years in my previous life as a wedding invitation designer. In fact, I think that red Carrot & Stick placecard looks like a remnant from our work together. I hope you use her for your invites, too. She’s super nice.

  5. Hi,
    Wonderful. I finally found out about blogs. I had so much fun last night looking at everything, but today, when I want to go back, I can’t find a thing.
    Perhaps you can help. Someplace I saw simple tree decals that came in either white or grey. Do you have any idea where I could have seen these. I started with your site, and wandered away…like little red riding hood.
    Let me know,


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