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time for (wonderfully packaged) tea…


The tea packaging from Tea Note in Japan is just wonderful! I wish I could read more behind there story, but for now the gorgeous items tell all. If anyone knows where I can find empty tins like this (square tins with circle lids), please let me know!



  1. Twinings tea caddy’s are this shape as well…really nice {you seem to find them most often in Europe now} :)…so lovely and old fashioned!

  2. Those are too cute, also Harney and Sons tea come in the same packaging, and they are convienently sold at barnes and noble! (I reccommend the african autumn tea!)
    Once again Joy, you are the queen of finding cute stuff.

  3. Hello! I have enjoyed reading your comments and beautiful pics. I am a Japanese, so I am happy to translate the contents of the site you mention. If you need a help, tell me.


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