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It looks like 1-800-Flowers is taking a cue from FTD with a series of arrangements designed by some names who are well known in the design and party planning industries. Here are a couple of my favorites from Belgium designer, Nico De Swert {top} for 1-800-Flowers and from Todd Oldham {bottom} for FTD. As always, I’m loving how the hi-end design experience is being incorporated and available for a broader audience…



  1. These flowers are beautiful! It is so creative how they put that arrangment in the pink strainer. My favorite has to be the arrangement in the upper right corner with all of the purple flowers. They are simple and gorgeous!

  2. I work as a floral designer and the flower cake on the top left is very popular… and fun to make!

  3. I would like to make a correction to the previous post stating that 1800flowers followed in the footsteps of FTD.
    As a matter of fact, is the pioneer of the expert designer. Before Todd Oldham became a partner of FTD, 1-800-flowers had designers such as Preston Bailey, Jane Caroll, Julie Mulligan, Jane Packer and Nico De Swert (who started in the beginning of 2006 unlike Oldham who launched his FTD line in April 2006).
    Lets give 1800flowers credit where credit is due!


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