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  1. Yes they are good looking, but when I went to their site I was more than a little miffed. They seem to be copying the work of many independent jewelry makers. I doubt they are getting the stuff from the original designers. The Rain Drop Earrings are a Lisa Levine design, but are they made by her? So much for the little guy.
    I was struck by the poor quality and Very High prices of jewelry last time I was in their store. It’s a shame, but mass production really takes away from the final product.
    Oh well. That’s the way it goes.

  2. Ooooh, I just love big chunky rings. Actually, I am pretty sure Anthropology buys 90% of their product from other designers. They just don’t advertise the designers name on the site as it’s about the “Anthropologie” lifestyle that they are promoting as a whole…

  3. I love these type of rings as an alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  4. They are very beautiful rings, I love the idea of wearing them as alternatives to more traditional rings, they’re real statement pieces

  5. Hi Everyone,
    I agree with what Karen said. I know they buy tons of designer work, but don’t always say the name of the designer..unless you’re in the store and it’s clothing with a label in the back. Same goes for some of the new artwork. There are paintings on the site by Jacob Magraw-Mickelson (his gorgeous floral paintings were in some of the summer catalogs) but they don’t list his name as the artist….

  6. I like rings like this as an alternative to traditional rings, but the only thing about wearing one as opposed to a traditional *engagement* ring is that you’ll hopefully be wearing it forever and with everything — and a ring like this might be something you tire of after awhile or not want to wear with certain things (I have big, funky rings that I’ll wear for a few months and then feel overwhelmed and put them away for years).

  7. I wish that Anthropologie would be more forthcoming in their catalogues and on the website about where their pieces come from…it’s a bit misleading and gives the impression that everything is of their own design. I’ve seen the jewelry in-store and they all have the Anthro label, so it’s even harder to tell with the jewelry than with clothes and shoes.


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