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furniture & their backdrops…


I’m going to jump on the design bloggers’ bandwagon and do a little post about Osborne & Little {via Design*Sponge & Love Made Visible}. It’s no question that this UK textile design company has a great sense of color and has mastered the ability to mix & match pattern. But it’s the way they portray their pieces that has me completely mesmerized. The high contrast furniture against a complementary print…or even the completely matching furniture against the same wallpaper {à la Zach Braff in Garden State!}. It’s not about whether these things would actually work in your home {although these images certainly encourage exploration}…but I’m loving the way they represent their pieces and make them that much more enticing to buy. Just another reinforcement why art direction, styling, and photography are so vital to selling great products…



  1. Great idea !Gold head and hands!
    I do not know that here is in the lead !?
    I hear these birdies and in my soul delight from such grace !


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