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i heart jersey dresses


If I could wear a jersey dress every day, I probably would. It doesn’t really wrinkle so little (if any) ironing is necessary, it’s once piece, and if it’s got other details that make it a bit more fun & unique, that’s extra double brownie points. If you’re into jersey dresses like me, check out Rachel Pally’s collection, which is sold almost everywhere. {Thanks to Fashion Spinach for the link!}



  1. I’m wearing a jersey dress this very minute! They’re a summer essential in this heat. I think I’d wear a dress everyday of the summer if I had enough.

  2. These dresses are adorable! I want both of them. They look so comfortable and cool for summer!

  3. jersey is the only wearable fabric in the summer. I seriously am shocked when I see people in jeans in this heat and I love how designers like Pally are bothering to create evening looks out of the ‘daytime’ material.

  4. I have been looking for a great summer dress for weeks and I think I have now found it! Rachel Pally’s designs are beautiful, but nor really in my price range. I think I might try my hand at making one of these million-way dresses~


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