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i love multi-function


As much as post about pattern and color, I’m also a big fan of pieces that are multi-functional and designed to serve more than one purpose. These pieces from Vitamin do just that! They’re also a touch whimsical behind their serene and white facade.


{left to right, top to bottom: The I.V. Plant Pot has a self-watering feed that allows the plant to get nourished as it needs it. Tab A combines an ashtray with a vase. The vase sits on top of the ashtray, concealing it both visually and aromatically. The Vitamin Fruit Bowl displays fruit and acts as a storage space for vitamin tablets. While the fruit sits in the bowl, the vitamins are hidden in three test tubes, inserted into the arm of the bowl.}


  1. you read my mind. I recently posted abot the cut little plant/beaker with a IV. My ex-boyfriend sent me the link and I just thought it was the best. I love how tiny little bag…genius.


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