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  1. ooh i know chris! super nice and oh so talented. if i could afford to frame a huge batch of these i would. chris is roommates with my street hockey team’s goalie. i stumbled upon his work in their apt/studio during a hockey party and spent the whole night talking about how gorgeous the work was.
    grace 🙂

  2. these are fantastic posters, I have been eyeing a couple of them for a while and really haven’t taken the plunge to purchase yet.
    I love how cartoony and graphic they are

  3. if you email chris you can buy posters from him directly. they’re quite affordable, too. if you’re in ny i highly suggest seeing if you can stop by his studio, it’s PACKED with gorgeous prints that aren’t even on the site…lots of fun posters for the tokion creativity now fetsival, too.


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