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Cool Book: Thirty to Wife


For those of you who are engaged, you’ve got to check out Thirty to Wife: The Groom’s Guide to Weddings by Craig Michaels. I recently got a copy, and it’s a really funny account of the thirty days before Craig Michaels gets married. He tells about his experiences in helping his fiancée prepare for their wedding and gives great (and useful) lists of “things to know” and “things to do” for the wedding, bachelor party, and for married life afterwards. Perfect for the guy in your life who wants to be involved in some way but feels clueless on what to do, how to help, or how to make sure you stay happy. While everyone’s situation or level of involvement is different, the book is really fun and funny…a great read for women, too. It also gives really nice insight into what your fiancé may be thinking or feeling during this busy time..which we sometimes forget about!



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