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Book I Want: Big Fat Cookies


I think I only buy cookbooks because I like the images of the food inside…I don’t REALLY want to slave over the stove or oven to make it. But since those morsels of goodness don’t magically appear without a little bit of work, I’ll continue to get books like, Big Fat Cookies by Elinor Klivans. With recipes like Chocolate Chip-Stuffed Cookies, Big City Black-and-Whites, Cornmeal Currant Crunch Cookies, and the Pineapple and Macadamia Islands…I’m one step closer…



  1. I just bought this off Amazon, thanks for refferring it. I intend to make it a gift for my grandmother, by making a sampler of a bunch of the cookies and giving the book.

  2. I borrowed this book from the library and it’s definitely a good one! Cookies don’t take as much slaving as you would think, really!

  3. i thought that i was the only one that did that! LOL! i am a sucker for a well designed cookbook… i hate cooking but i LOVE baking.


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