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our wedding: the hairpin {and some fun portraits}


On the day of our wedding, I probably received the most compliments on the hairpin I wore made by Kelly of K.Autumn. Those of who tinker in the design blog world may have seen this gorgeous Goosefeather Hairpin Flora, as first made for Kelly’s good friend Lisa. After realizing a veil was not my thing and a splash of color would be perfect instead (and after meeting super sweet Kelly at the Stationery Show), I sent Kelly a swatch of the raspberry color I wanted for the Goosefeather Hairpin Flora. And voila…a custom-made veil alternative was born! It was perfect and lovely!


{All photos above by Karen Wise (based in new york) – left to right, top to bottom: me & Bob, me & my little brother, hairpin being placed, and me & my mom.}


  1. Hi Joy,
    I stumbled upon your site few months ago and it’s always nice to see pretty cool things on your site. Also, congratulations on your wedding!!

  2. You and your mum are like sisters, you are both gorgeous! Love the hairpin idea it’s so different and the splash of colour just brings a splash of vibrant ‘Joy’ to the outfit.

  3. I love the hairpin Joy!! It’s gorgeous and so…YOU! I also love all the pictures. They came out great! The one of you and Jay is too cute 😀

  4. wow! the hairpin looks amazing. great job kelly! it’s the perfect complement to your whole look. cute pics too. wow, your mom is like 35!

  5. i absolutely hate veils, so it’s always a delight to see creative wedding hair pins! Your dress is so fab and you and your mama look wonderful!

  6. Joy – you are seriously so cute and creative in everything you do 🙂 love the hairpin – it’s a really unique and beautiful touch!

  7. I love the hairpin! I noticed it in the other photos you posted — but it’s nice to see a detail of it. Lovely! Karen’s photos look awesome! More pics, more pics!!!

  8. I love the photo of you and your mom. Such a beautiful pic that I’m sure you’ll look back at fondly many years from now. Oh, and congrats!
    Love the hairpin, by the way! Stunning!

  9. How did you get your wedding photos on that white backdrop? It looks like a studio. I love that. Did your photog bring a backdrop?


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