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Inspirations this week…


This week, I’m loving the idea of bringing small bits of artwork into an otherwise plain space. Lots of us long to buy art (as do I), but our bank accounts often limit large purchases. These lovely photos from Scotland-based Papa Stour feature the artwork of Kate George and shows how well even the smallest piece can liven up any space.


{images from Papa Stour website}


  1. Hi Joy,
    The prints and images from Papa Stour are absolutely gorgeous!
    I especially liked the “Time for Tea” print. After visiting the website, I found a cute scented Chickadee which I’m sure you’ll agree is simply adorable.
    Thank you for posting such interesting and delightful content.
    If you get a minute, I’d like to invite you to visit my blog, VOX Daily:

  2. I love your site!… but i don’t like the masthead/header as much as the old one. the “you’re here” is crooked…


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