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  1. too bad these leggings won’t compliment the generously proportioned ;p But yeah cool patterns to wear if you have legs like those models 🙂

  2. jac, ha..yes..i agree with your comment..
    whether you wear leggings or not, or like them, these ones are really fun, even for the overall concept!

  3. The leggings are fab, but my legs are not. It’s one of those trends that’s not for me, unless her legs come with the item for sale 😉

  4. i had these black and white striped really thin, almost tights, leggings that i wore all through high school into college, and i would wear them under dresses and skirts, and i considered getting some so i could wear skirts in the winter, because i loathe tights, so i never wear skirts or dresses all winter. leggings by themselves are definitely a bad bad thing. i am very against the “skinny” jean with the tight ankle. even toothpicks don’t look good in them. and pants tucked in to boots. ew. unless you are in the woods tracking moose.


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