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yay for biz lady nights!


We had a great first meeting of the Philly Biz Ladies Nights on Monday evening at Art Star. There were about 20 of us made up of graphic and textile designers, fashion & jewelry designers, shop owners, artists, an architect, an event planner, a pattern maker, a shopping website editor, writers, and more… {and some of them are craft/fashion/design bloggers you may be familiar with!}

We did introductions and talked about our concerns for our own businesses and things we wanted to learn from others, etc. One big topic and concern for lots of people is finding out what you (or your product) is worth and how to make sure you’re not selling yourself short. We also discussed various points on types of press, advertising, setting up your online shop, and more…these were all the very beginnings of more conversations to come. It was great to have a mix of backgrounds between those with more creative-based experience and those with business/marketing experience. Since the group is small enough, we’ll be meeting regularly to share more tips & experiences with one another.

See our group photo (minus me) below… {Sorry for fuzzy pic, I forgot to turn my flash on!}


{Thanks again to Grace for initiating the efforts to bring like-minded and creative business women together…and congrats on a super successful Brooklyn meet-up last night!}


  1. Hi Joy – As an aspiring business owner, I would love to come to these meetings. I think I would gain a lot from hearing about other womens’ experiences and struggles. When do you think the meetings will be open to future business owners?

  2. how cool, joy!
    what an amazing opportunity to get together with other designers/business women. congrats.
    i wish that i could find some designers here in dc to start a group with 🙁

  3. Hi joy, this is a wonderful idea. I’m an aspiring fashion designer. If anyone is interested, a wonderful resource for sewn product manufacturing is the blog, and the author’s book “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing”. I pass on this information to anyone I come in contact with bc Kathleen (Fasanella’s) book has been soooooo helpful!


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