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i heart the pink box


After leaving New York and moving to Philly two years ago, Beth came up with the idea to do an exchange box to help make up for not seeing each other all the time. We’d send each other random things that we’ve collected and the box would just randomly show up whenever. No set intervals or expectations. But I love the days when I do get the box and see the wonderful little things Beth has sent! Here are a few goodies I received yesterday {oh, and the inside lid has illustrations we each found that is supposed to look like the other person…}



  1. the chopsticks are from some store in park slope bklyn. its really cute. either on 5th or 7th its a card shop and ive blogged about it before. i just cant remember the name!!

  2. would you mind telling me where you found the illustration of the little girl in pigtails? thank you! (and thank you so much for your beautiful blog, you have such a great sense of style!)

  3. That is SO funny! My best friend lives on the West Coast and we do the exact SAME thing. Our box finally died at the end of this year but we’ve already bought replacements. Our hubbies get SO jealous as we’re sometimes more excited over the gifts in our boxes than the gifts they give us.


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