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  1. I have been such a huge fan of their stuff for a while now and their clothes just seem to get better and better. I love the coat on the left, it has so much character and probably is amazingly comfortable as well.
    Recently I went into Forever 21 and one of their desigers MUST have picked up a couple of Mike & Chris hoodies, because their styles were just so similar. Imitation is a form of Flattery I guess.

  2. Everything about this company’s holiday campaign is so on point: the model, her hair, the photography and, of course, the hoodies! Who knew hoodies can look so stylish, the cut, details and design on this collection is genius! No, I do NOT work for them, have never heard of them if not for the entry on Oh Joy!

  3. I love mike and chris.
    Does anyone know where to find the men’s line? I’ve only found one site that has them.
    I want to buy one for my bf’s birthday next month.

  4. Hi Magdalena,
    Both links work for me…the only site that is no longer up is the original Mike Chris site. But you can see his new site at Mike Gonzalez! 😉


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