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Happy 07 + inspirations this week…


Welcome back – happy new year! This week, I’m intrigued by darks, black, & white – with bright shots of color…


{Images left to right, top to bottom: frames from pg. 113 of Elle Decoration {Dutch} Sept/Oct 06, bird cage with fruit from same, cakes from pg. 301 Martha Stewart Weddings Winter 07, and chairs from pg. 125 of Elle Decor {Italian} Sept 06.} Thanks to Holly for the new stash of Euro mags!


  1. Joy…. happy newyear …. thanks for the beautiful mags I recieved them today at the studio …. and the beautiful fabric! Your is on the way to Philly …. I love the business card »Oh Joy« …….. wonderful!

  2. Speaking of Elle Decor…does anyone have a copy of the UK version from last October I could take off their hands? I am still regretting not picking up a copy when I was in London then. There was an article on hanging art I was particularly inspired by.


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