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  1. I feel like these collections always look way better in the photos then actually in the stores.
    I don’t know if they are really living up to their potential. I want something better, more…i don’t know – I could be a fashion snob.

  2. hey jessica,
    i agree with you in that i think they’re very hit or miss. the quality is always going to be lower with a mass retailer like target. also, the majority of people they are trying to sell to don’t wear designer goods {or probably are not as familiar with these designers} cause it’s out of their budget. they do need to make the target line a bit more understandable for their primary audience. i think the ads do a great job of making the clothes look like their higher quality than they are. i’ve found some great pieces in the past collections..but not everything has been a hit for sure.

  3. I have noticed most of the collections end up on the sale racks pretty quickly. People in the area that I live in (Cincinnati OH) aren’t very interested in the collections, especially the most recent Behnaz Sarafpour. Which is great for me because I buy it all on sale!!! But it’s unfortunate that people aren’t willing to push their fashion just a little. But I love Target for trying!

  4. I personally think when Target puts out a line like this they need to be of better quality, thus more expensive. Those persons looking to buy this are willing to pay more and expect quality, and Target would still be offering it cheaper than they could find it elsewhere.
    This goes for their home decor items as well. They have skimped on quality to afford design, but I believe you can do both well. When it comes to their designer lines they need to be of better quality and thus a bit more pricey, yet still affordable for the masses.

  5. I agree with the hit or miss statement. I loved the Behnaz but I felt the Paul and Joe was a miss, at least for me. I do give Target credit for trying though.

  6. see i didnt like behnaz as much but thats cause i dont like her as much anyways.. but im one to talk i didnt buy anything from the paul and joe line but a couple pieces from the behnaz one. but proenza schouler is one of my fave lines so im extremely excited.

  7. i picked up a white leather paul & joe jacket from target and i love it. (and what a relief to finally have someone else besides issac mizrahi too…) man i miss tarjay.
    ps are those yellow pumps part of her line, or just for the sake of the photos?

  8. I don’t know, I think this might be the line I buy from. The article and photos in the link I’m posting have me drooling. The other collections I’ve been pretty blah over and I missed the luella bartley one completely so I can’t say if that was a good one or not. But I can defintely get into candy colored belts.

  9. I love Proenza Schouler, and was so excited when I read in Vogue that they were teaming up with Target. The GoInternational campaign has been more of hit than a miss with me. It gives college kids who are lacking in the personal finance departments like me a chance to get in on high fashion. The fabrics may not be as fabulous as they are in the actual line, but they certainly aren’t poor quality. Props to Target for giving girls like me a chance to look cute with some of my favorite designers!

  10. i don’t get all that negative people, i don’t think the stuff looks like the gap (if you call yourself a fashionista you should be able to tell the differece on the cuts or the color palette, etc….) and of course the stuff is not exelent quality, it’s under 50 dlls for god’s sake…….so if you have the cash, then head to barney’s for the real deal………

  11. i’m looking forward to see this line. of course, i have to see, feel and touch the items. some items in previous lines did not fit well before. and yes, they are hit or miss. but good for our pockets if they are a hit. 🙂

  12. This stuff is more expensive than other clothes at Target- the pants are 35 dollars. I think of it as like H&M. Cute cute cute clothes for cheap cheap cheap. It’s really popular here in St Louis. Everytime I go, the racks are completely picked over. I must pick up a bustier top before the crowds snatch them all up. I loved the luella line too. The Go line has way cuter, nicer details than a lot of the other lines at Target.

  13. I saw online it said the line was debuting Feburary 4. But I was at my local Target down in Chesterfield Valley of St. Louis, and it says it is coming in stores Febuary 1st? Any comments on this?!
    And personally I love Target for trying something different with their Go International Lines!

  14. Yeah, see ya, Fashion Snobs. Go to Barneys and spend what would have in your $401KL on clothes that will be out of fashion in six months. No problem. The rest of us will spend very little at Target for a few pieces that will jazz up our closets for not so much cash outlay and, when the trend is over, they go up on ebay and get shipped to someplace where they didn’t even get them to begin with. Thanks for not shopping at Target, fashionistas! More for the rest of us who have kids and stuff to use up our expendable cash more quickly than in our carefree single days.

  15. I actually just bought a ridiculous amount of stuff from this line (early sale in NYC), and I have to say the quality is suprisingly good. Obviously not as good as the real Proenza Schouler line, but pretty damn good. I’ve never bought clothing from Target before, but you should take a look at this line because it will suprise you. Especially if you mix and match these pieces, with higher end stuff.

  16. I personally am very disappointed in this line. I saw the line for the first time in my local Target today.
    There is absolutely no size consistency — this time it is worse than previous GO Designers.
    The silk items were already falling apart, there are too many drab colors (grey) or colors done by Behnaz (burgundy and black). Styles were also boring and disappointing.
    Wal-Mart’s George line is far better and costs a lot less. I have the feeling this will be the poorest designs of Target’s “GO” line — ever.
    The only good item I found in the line was the coat. It is nicely made.
    The other items are way overpriced, so I’ll be waiting until they go on sale.

  17. Is Target not going to carry the yellow heels? What a let down if they don’t!
    They help brighten up this line’s drab pallette.
    I love the GO line because I am a cheapskate and I don’t want to dress like a matron even though I am over Five O!
    I will spend a lot for designer handbags such as Versace and Louis Vuitton, but I refuse to pay $3K for a shirt!
    EEEEK! Am I the only older woman who likes this line?

  18. I went to Target today and looked at a bunch of the new clothes. I was hoping to find one item (a short sleeved sweat-shrit made by proenza schouler) that was featured in the latest teen vogue. I was disappointed to find out they did not have this! It seems like every time I see a cute top in a magazine for Target, its never there! I hope that they will be sending more clothes to more places or more products. I would really like it, its not even on the Target website, where can i find it?

  19. I love how Target has these collection. One of my favorite was the first collection Luella, and then the other were ok.. the worst was Behnaz. My currect fav. is the Proenza Schouler Collection. I love fashion, I love my designer, but sometimes I don’t mind buying something cheaper. If it looks good hey whatever. I just ordered the 1st and last dress and I’m waiting for it to come! I’m very excited!! And these pictures don’t do the collection justice.

  20. another negative comment here. i just don’t think these are well-designed, original or even well-made clothes. i was very disappointed when i went to the store to see them in person….yuck! just because these are the latest and greatest designers from nyc, does not mean what they create is amazing…or even good! at the very least, if they can’t design clothes worth a damn, then maybe they should focus on the quality. many of these clothes were thread-bare, poorly stitched and not consistently sized. move on target, find some better designers!


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