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  1. I’m sorry. My mistake. I bought them at the local flea market. It looks like the dealers sometimes sell new items.

  2. Hi,
    I have just passed on your blog,
    I wrote you this message, because I have myself a blog. The objective is that people send me their picture(s) with the clothes they intend to wear today or the next few days. And this to find out how is the fashion for people like you and me and by people from all over the world. I live in Singapore and here, fashion has a big importance, there’s a mix of cultures. It gives a colorful city… Anyway!
    I think it’s great to share, to see how people match their clothes and accessories together. Anyway maybe I’m dreaming a little bit but who doesn’t intend anything, doesn’t get anything.
    If you know anyone interested, it’d be great to talk about it, if yourself you find the idea interesting, of course!
    My blog :
    Thank you in advance
    Have a nice day


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