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inspirations this week…


It’s amazing how you can look back on things you’ve saved from years ago and still be just inspired by again as if you’ve seen them for the first time…some images from my archives…
Also, check out Domino’s new gallery section which has a slew of great ideas for the home…


{images from the October 2003 & October 2004 issues of Elle Decoration, UK}


  1. I love furniture that has the seat cushions in a different fabric from the rest of the chair, though I’m not too keen on the bright pink.

  2. my husband thor does not understand why i want to keep magazines. he tells me to tear relevant pages…im like THEY ARE ALL RELEVANT ALL THE TIME ANY TIME. yet he has like 3000 comics.

  3. sara ~
    that’s too funny. i would love to keep all my mags, but it got to a point where i had to start tearing out things and putting them in binders. if an issue has too much good stuff then, i’ll keep the whole thing..but if i can just take the best, it saves me lots of space in my tiny apt!


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