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  1. I’m so happy you blogged Noa Noa! I found them in October for the first time, there’s a little Noa Noa shop in this city I stayed at in Germany. Joy, it’s amazing. The displays, colors, everything.

  2. Joy,noa noa is the best!My daughters and I buy alot of clothes there,because it has a wonderful 1920 art deco style to it.We feel very lucky the shop is at walking distance from us.There is a bad side to it:you get very very greedy during sale time!!

  3. camilla engman sent me a few noa noa catalogs a few weeks back, i had never heard of the company till she did, swoon city! but i hadn’t seen the new collection yet…ooo, thanks for the heads up!

  4. Hi all,
    I’m an undergraduate from Sri Lanka who is currently doing a research about the brand NOA NOA. I wuold be thankful if you all, prestigious customers of NOA NOA,could share your shopping experience with me.Pls share yor thoughts about NOA NOA. that would be a great support for me. thanks


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